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hpwannabe's Journal

Harry Potter Movie Wannabes
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Welcome to

This community was started in an attempt to bring together all wannabe actors and actresses who wish for a part in the upcoming Harry Potter movies. Due to the many online forums, message boards, various websites and online groups who discuss parts in the movies, it was felt that a LiveJournal community was highly appropriate. So, here it is.

In HP Wannabe, do feel free to discuss parts in any of the forthcoming movies (Prisoner of Azkaban is going to be in need of cast quite soon!), share your information and pictures, talk about any casting rumours or rumoured cast and basically have fun in your desire to get that much-wanted role. There are no ‘rules’ as such, but please do take note of the following.

If someone posts a picture of him/herself and you think that they are not suitable for their desired role, please keep it to yourself. The point of this community is that the majority of us here are wannabes, basically meaning that each of us is in the same boat. It is better to voice your opinion I know, but if you must, please do it politely. Eg, ‘I don’t think you’re right for the part of Fleur,’ rather than, ‘You’re fat with a big nose.’ That type of post just implies jealousy and yes, it does hurt people’s feelings. Nobody is perfect, so just keep that in mind.

I have seen a lot of petitions on the Net recently, along the lines of ‘LET AMERICANS AUDITION.’ This is NOT allowed here. I (the maintainer) am NOT biased because I am British, but that is just how life is. However, even though it has been posted on many a site that non-UK residents are not allowed a part, it does not mean that you do not have a chance. Everyone is entitled to a chance and there is no harm in trying.

More information shall be coming soon. As for now, enjoy! And just remember...we all dream a lot; some are lucky, some are not.

For any advice, suggestions or information regarding HP Wannabe or the Harry Potter movies in general, please feel free to Contact Dani.